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Multifocal ReStor Intraocular Lenses

The ReStor Multi-Focal Intraocular Lens Implant for Cataract Surgery

The innovative AcrySofReSTOR lens was developed to help combat problems with cataracts, astigmatism and presbyopia in patients. An Ophthalmologist will use these lenses on patients having trouble focusing at varying distances, both near and far. Once the ReSTOR lens is in place it provides patients a new lease on life and in many cases allows them to get rid of their glasses. Clinical studies have shown that the convex ReSTOR lens has been successful in improving near, distant and intermediate vision and has curtailed the necessity for eyeglasses, contacts, bifocals and other types of lenses.

The difference between ReSTOR surgery and Cataract surgery done in the traditional manner lies in the difference between the monofocal lens and the ReSTOR lens. The replacement lens used in cataract surgery improves the vision caused by the cloudiness in the eye’s natural lens but often the patient must still wear glasses to read. ReSTOR uses an apodized diffractive technology that distributes the light according to the patient’s focusing attempts and increases the depth of focus.

Patients suffering from cataracts, eyestrain or the inability to focus up close should consult with their eye doctor to learn if they have healthy enough corneas to undergo the ReSTOR procedure. An ophthalmologist should be able to diagnose the presbyopia condition in patients to determine if they are good candidates for the surgery. The presbyopia condition occurs when the eye loses its ability to focus on objects up close.

While the ReSTOR procedure may be a breakthrough solution for vision problems, it cannot be performed for patients who have already had cataract surgery in the past. Interested candidates should consult their ophthalmologist or eye care professional to discuss their best options for vision enhancement.

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